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$50 Oasa R1
Deposit Reservation

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Secure an exclusive discount of $100 for the Oasa R1 (complete with a battery, charging dock, and garage) by placing a refundable $50 deposit. This offer provides an additional discount on top of the Super Early Bird price.

*This page will be closed after the launch on Kickstarter. The deposit will be utilized after the conclusion of the campaign.

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1. How much is the Oasa R1?
The Super Early Bird price for the Oasa R1 (complete with a battery, charging dock, and garage) is $1199. Additionally, there will be different perks for you to choose from on the Kickstarter page.
2. How much is the shipping fee?

Free shipping (tax included) to Germany and the United States! For other European countries, the shipping fee ranges from $50 to $100, tax is also included. This is the best price we’ve negotiated so far and is quite reasonable for a package that reaches about 1 meter (nearly 39 inches) in length.

For the most up-to-date shipping costs by country, head to our Facebook group:

We're constantly updating the information there, so you'll have all the details at your fingertips!

3. Why should I place a deposit before the campaign goes live?
By making a deposit, you are eligible to order Oasa R1 at the exclusive price of $1099 (complete with a battery, charging dock, and garage). Save an additional $100 off the super early bird price! Furthermore, the deposit is refundable should there be a change of heart. Your satisfaction is our priority.
4. What are the steps for placing a deposit and redeeming the discount?
Step 1: Make a $50 Deposit to secure the Limited Deposit Deal on this page.Please ensure that the email used to purchase the Super Early Bird Deal matches the email used when placing the deposit. Payments are processed via PayPal.

Step 2: Head to the campaign page and pick your perks.We will officially launch on Kickstarter in late June this year. Every reservation holder will receive the purchase link via email.

Step 3: Get a $150 Refund.Upon conclusion of the campaign, we will initiate a refund window of 10 working days during which you can opt for a $150 refund. The $50 deposit will be refunded via PayPal, while the remaining $100 will be refunded via the payment method chosen when purchasing on Kickstarter.

Please note that the refund may take up to 30 days to complete due to platform regulations.
5. If I’ve already purchased the deposit but experienced a change of heart, how can l refund the deposit?
If you no longer wish to purchase the product, you can request a refund for your deposit. Simply email from the email address you used to reserve the discount and we will process your refund within 14 working days. Please note that you will be subject to transaction fees incurred during the refund process.
6. Why should l need to use the same email address to place the deposit and place an order on Kickstarter?
To ensure a smooth refund process, we will match the Kickstarter email address to our pre-order list to verify if the Kickstarter backer has placed a deposit. Please make sure that the email address that you use to place the deposit order matches your Kickstarter account's email address.
7. How many deposit orders can I make?
Please make the deposits based on how many units you would like to purchase. However, please note each deposit is valid for one Oasa R1 only.

If you wish to purchase two or more R1s, you will need to make multiple deposits accordingly. For purchases exceeding two Oasa R1, kindly reach out to us at for assistance.
8. Will the Oasa R1 be shipped worldwide?
Yes, the Oasa R1 will be shipped worldwide.
9. What is the shipping time?

We will begin shipping 100 units from November 2024, we will continue to ship batches monthly to ensure that all Kickstarter orders are shipped by March 2025.

We offer a comprehensive 2-year warranty for all Kickstarter backers. We understand some Kickstarter backers may receive their Oasa R1 during the off-season. To ensure continuous coverage, we're extending the warranty for all Kickstarter units, this means that the warranty will cover the period when you cannot mow (from when you received your R1 to March 2025), and it officially starts from March 2025.

According to Kickstarter regulations, shipping information will only be collected after the end of the campaign. After the campaign ends, we collect all backers' information and deliver our products from the local warehouses. Please note that you will receive the tracking number after your package is shipped out from the local warehouses, The exact delivery time will vary depending on your delivery address and couriers.

10. If I have further questions, how can I contact you?
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our customer service email at and we will reply to you as soon as possible within 48 hours(Mon - Fri).